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In Re: Pansy Smith and Violet Jones – by Neil Gaiman

More than twenty years and I still get chills when I reach the last couple of paragraphs of this. So good, actually.

the Flash Girls

I’m talking to Emma Bull and Lorraine Garland beside the campfire, which takes the edge off the chill night air, maybe too much so, as I wind up edging forward to get warm, edging backward to cool off again while the fire lights their faces from below, like flickering witch-women in orange and yellow.

Now and again an autumn leaf spins crazily down from the oak trees above us, into the firelight and out again, and Emma and Lorraine talk, and argue, and discuss, and interrupt, and talk once more.

A guitar case is open on the ground beside them, an open folder inside it (resting on Emma’s other guitar, the fibreglass one that she can play in the rain), which contains several photographs, a video, some cassettes, and sheaves of dog-eared photocopies.

Emma has the photographs now, shuffles through them in the firelight, hands one to me, says, “Look…

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Favourite Authors: Steven Brust

A nice article about Dad.

The WR(ite) Blog

I discovered the novels of Steven Brust about four or five years ago.  The first I found was Dragon, and I found it in an op-shop.  It looked interesting, had a great opening few pages (which I skimmed, of course; knowing, as every good reader knows, Not To Judge A Book By It’s Cover), and was about 10 cents.  I don’t recall how many other books I bought that day, but judging from my usual book-buying habits, I would guess between two and three piles.  I got them home, and Dragon sank into the pile of to-be-read books.

A year later, I was pottering around in the book section of Shiploads, certain (as always) that somewhere in there was a positive treasure trove of good books.  I spotted a familiar author name.  Thought: ‘Oh yes, I meant to read that book Dragon.  Same bloke.  Wonder if it’s good? …

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This time, with photos of the family

Much less time on production this time. Just as much fun for me. Hmmm.


This time, with stock image

Amazing what an 1 minute with Windows Movie Maker and an hour with Photoshop/Illustrator can produce. Simply amazing.


Nothing to see here…

… move along.